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Since I started my treatments with The Savvy Woman CFE I haven't had any flashbacks. Now I sleep better!

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Want to get those mind blogging questions answered. Start by scheduling a consultation!

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Need some direction in life? Can't make up your mind. Looking for support with future goals?

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Counselling & Therapy

Removing those unwanted stressors in life can free up negative emotions and help you attain mental wellness!

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Package 1 – Counselling, Beauty & Skincare

Are you battling with skin conditions? Want healthy glowing skin? Read more below!

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Package 2 – Counselling, Nutrition & Coaching

Nutrition is vital for health and wellness! Call me to take charge of your health today

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Package 3 – Counselling & Life Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed? Recently been made redundant? Build an optimistic future!

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Price Plans


Package1 - counsel. beauty & skincare

  • Extensive Consultation
  • Counselling x 3
  • Product sourcing
  • Skincare treatment plan

Package 2 - counsel. nutrition coaching

  • Extensive Consultation
  • Counselling x 3
  • Dietary plan
  • Weight control management
  • Review consultation x 1

Package 3 - counsel & life coaching

  • 9 weeks intensive counselling
  • 3 week results impact coaching
  • Check in calls
  • Email Support
  • 2 x 'Red light' emergency call

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Eden's La Naturelle Skincare Range by The Savvy Woman CFE will be launching soon!

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Persevering through difficult times can be hard. Through life experiences, we have to accept negative situations as they come. At times we are not equipped to confidently deal with difficulties the first time around. Yet, we accept that difficult times make us stronger. Or do we? How do you deal with difficulties in life? Do …

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Believing all things are possible!

Believing all things are possible is a reason to be happy. I could never waste my time thinking about those negative circumstances of life. My eyes are fixed on Jesus who gives me assurance and my mind is anchored on Him. There is a song of thanksgiving on my lips – standing on the promises …

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Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss goals are difficult to maintain, especially after winter! Getting motivated and start a weight loss plan is easy. However, many people, after the summer tend to lack enthusiasm coming into the winter months. It can be difficult to maintain the same level of motivation, yet it is not impossible! If you find that …

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We would love to share our expertise with you and help you attain optimal and superior mental health and wellbeing.

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