The Savvy Woman CFE is a Counselling and Coaching Practice based in London.

Counselling and Coaching Practice as The Savvy Woman CFE is awesome! As a qualified Counsellor and Coach, I work with adults to help remove negative emotions in your personal life.

I help you take control of your negative emotions and build confidence, heal emotional scars and regain trust in self and others. I do this by removing anger, anxiety, self-doubt, depression, frustration, regret and others. Breaking through barriers and challenging negative emotions and thoughts of betrayal, fear, hurt, loss or other by empowering and refocusing your vision for the future.

At times you may be in shock and desperately in need of answers. You feel lonely, helpless and sad. Disappointed by circumstances in your life. However, you can change and transform through healing, acceptance and having peace of mind. My desire is to see you bring joy and happiness back into your life. To have meaning and purpose. To be confident again.

Whether you’re struggling with negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, conflicts, loss, depression, stress, lack of trust or others. From losing your home, loss of a job or loved one, health issues, a broken relationship or online-dating issues, problems at work, low-self esteem or lack of confidence. Know that you can feel at ease to discuss your problems and talk to me in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.

I provide a quality mobile service in counselling, coaching or combined for Couples, Families and Groups too!

My Counselling and Coaching Practice Offers:
  • Telephone and Face to Face Consultation 
  • Differentiated Therapies
  • Flexible payment arrangements
  • Tailor-made services
  • Discounts/Ebooks/Workbooks
  • Regular weekly sessions
  • Crisis Intervention – emergency weekend sessions only 
  • Residential Counselling – 2 hr sessions once per month
  • Telephone, online or face to face
Client Focus

Adults, but I also work with Children, Teens and Families too!


Indivdual/Couples/Families/Groups. Read more about me.



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