Counselling and Life Coaching Practice

Counselling and Life Coaching Practice based in London.

Are you in crisis? get empowering step-by-step help with expert Geraldine to help you overcome!

Have you tried to fix your problems without success! Do you face disappointments in life? If so, I will help you break through these barriers…through my counselling and life coaching practice.

Based in London and as an expert in emotional disturbance, relationships and conflict. I offer you a Breakthrough Counselling and Life Coaching Programs that help resolve the most complex problems that you face. Be it, hurt, detachment or lack of trust, this program will reach to the core of your issues. It will help you to break free from your past, manage the present and regain happiness for the future!

As a qualified Counsellor and Life Coach, I have helped professionals overcome what seems to be impossible situations.  In my counselling and life coaching practice. I dig deep into issues of present problems to what is often thought of as ‘symptoms’ which are often underlying issues that can be reversed and resolved to create lasting change.

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My Practice Offers:
  • Online Video-based Therapy (Zoom, Skype)
  • Face to face (suspended due to Covid 19)
  • Chat or Email (Google Hangouts)
  • Interactive Tools
  • Video links
  • Downloadable & Fillable Worksheets (Teletherapy)
  • Flexible Payments Arrangements
  • Discounts (where applicable)
  • Tailor-made services 
Client Focus

Teens, Students, Young Adults & Adults


Individuals, couples and families