Solving problems quickly to remove negative emotions can increase positive thinking. Whatever challenges you face, you are able to overcome!

When you’re challenged by a negative situation. Do you use your creativity and ingenuity to find strategies that will help you come up with a solution? How do you look at solving negative emotions?

If you have a keen eye for detail then you’ll probably think of ways in which you can overcome. On the other hand, lack of thought (by reacting impulsively) can create all kinds of problems.  For example, your loss of control in the situation, or fear of what the end result would be!

This can bring the onset of ‘negative emotions’ which often will consume the mind. One way of solving this problem is to be more confident when facing trials. Without holding preconceived ideas you can remove the dilemma and take full control of the situation.

How you look at the problem and then think it over will help resolve situations quickly. Solving problems quickly to remove negative emotions can be rewarding. Particularly if you cultivate the habit of persistence. You are then able to solve any situation that comes your way.

Today say “I will look a problem over and use my intelligence, creativity, and determination to find a solution”. Take on the mindset of enjoying solving problems” for it challenges you to achieve greater confidence!

Self-Reflection Questions: 
  1. How do I look at a problem that needs to be solved?
  2. What process do I take to solve a problem?
  3. How do I feel when I have solved a rather complex problem?


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Published by Geraldine

As a qualified Counsellor and Coach, I work with adults to help remove negative emotions in personal relationships, social-friendships, work relationships and family relationships. I help you take control of your negative emotions by building your confidence, improve your well-being and regain trust in self and others. I do this by removing anger, self-doubt and regret. Breaking through barriers and challenging negative emotions and thoughts of betrayal, fear, hurt and loss, and help you to be empowered and refocused for the future.

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