Overcoming Challenges by finding solutions – Part 3, is the next step you can take to breakthrough!

The only way you’ll find solutions to the frustrations you face is to look for them. Think of something in your life that’s frustrating you. Instead of thinking of all the reasons this bothers you, think about ways you can make it better.

Is there someone you can ask for help? Are there habits that you can change? Can you schedule your time differently?

The questions you pose to yourself about your situation will determine your attitude. And, your attitude will determine your chances of success (altitude). Ask yourself why things are so frustrating, and your mind will return many reasons for you to be frustrated. Ask yourself how you can solve the dilemma you face, and your mind will give you the answers you seek.

If you spend your time complaining about your circumstance, you’ll spin your wheels and stand on the same frustrating ground. Instead of denying reality, make your reality better by asking yourself how you can affect things in a positive way. Then you’re on your way to overcoming challenges by finding solutions.

Stay Away from Unproductive “What If’s”

When you worry about what may happen in the future, you avoid productive thinking that can make all the difference in your life. You also miss out on the gift that’s found in the present moment. Challenges can help you grow as a person, or it can cause you to stop you in your tracks. The choice is yours.

Be strong and face what’s in front of you. The more you face your fears head on, the more confident and motivated you’ll become as you consciously step closer and closer to your dreams.

The list of what-ifs you face could go on forever if you let it… “What if I embarrass myself? If I fall short? What if this doesn’t work?” Your mind will answer those questions and prevent you from ever moving forward. Is this what you want?

But what if you asked questions like:

  • What would I do if it were impossible for me to fail?
  • What would my life be like if I attained this goal?
  • How would my loved ones be affected by my success?
  • Who can I learn from that has already experienced the success I seek?
  • What small step can I take today to create unstoppable positive momentum toward my success?

Can you see the difference? Just thinking about those questions makes you feel more powerful and in charge of your future. With the right set of questions and productive thinking, you’ll be a front runner that’s destined to win! With a successful coach and a positive, productive approach, you’ll continue moving forward until the success you envision comes to pass.

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