When faced with roadblocks as a result of unexpected and sudden surprises. Life can seem impossible that you either face the collision head-on or continue without a care in the world! When you have arrived at a roadblock, What would you do? Give up or find another way out? What does your determination depend on?

There are some who are determined to finish strong and refuse to surrender to any barriers. On the other hand, there are those who give up at the first hurdle!

We all have capabilities whereby we’re able to think of ways we can remove roadblocks. As we dig deep into our ‘tools’. For example, discipline, drive and determination. We can say “I will not be overcome by roadblocks, but I strive to finish the race”. 

Then, persistence and perseverance will become your way of life. Instead of waiting for someone to come to your rescue, you have the tools to help yourself! But what happens when no one is available to help? When faced with roadblocks stop and think for a moment. Then work through this accordingly.

Benefits of overcoming roadblocks 

Working hard to overcome roadblocks, brings certain types of rewards.

  • You can shape your plan and put this into action
  • You’re able to know your strengths and weaknesses
  • You have a greater and sweeter victory

Roadblocks are a temporary measure. They don’t last forever! When you’re faced with a roadblock find another alternative. Look at ways that you can achieve your goals, even if the route is not a usual one. Don’t be afraid of trying out new ways. At least you can add this to your list of ‘tools’.

Today, say “I am determined to embrace new ideas to help me through the roadblocks”. Combine courage and creativity to form the most powerful tool against opposition.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do when faced with a roadblock?
  2. How can I overcome using present and ‘new’ tools?
  3. Who can I trust to help me on my journey?

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