Challenges test your strength because it proves how robust your skills are to encounter hardships.  It’s a way of helping you attain wisdom with each experience.

Whatever the difficulty may be, you should embrace it with an open mind! After all, the other option is to run in the opposite direction. How do you fair when challenges come your way? Do you stand up or do you back down?

When you face challenges, learn to take full control. Setbacks come to each and every one of us. Some seize the opportunity to learn from it and take control. On the other hand, there are those who give in before they try. Try and reach for your goals one step at a time. Refuse to let setbacks control your positive outlook on life, and succeed to win!

You can say “I have the ability to choose how I want to approach each situation I encounter. Therefore, I approach each moment with a positive mindset”.

At times, you may be fearful because you do not know the outcome. That’s perfectly normal. Yet obstacles are not there to pull you down but inspire you to rise above the challenges. Whatever the situation, for example, hurting from a bad relationship. Hold on, and be positive so that you can overcome.

If you don’t succeed the first time. Try and try again, eventually, you will!

Give 100% effort to each challenge you face and you will succeed. Nelson Mandela went through hardships but he overcame.  Richard Branson almost lost his airline, yet he overcame! Esther became Queen of Persia after almost being annihilated and overcame. Whatever challenges test your strength, you too can overcome.

Today, know that life’s challenges build up your inner strength as you embrace them in a positive light.

Self-Reflection Questions: 
  1. Do I back down from challenges due to fear of failing?
  2. Are there any recurring hardships that are constant in my life?
  3. If so, how can I weed this negativity out of my life?
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