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Conflict in my family is no longer a desire because I recognise that we were all created to be unique! So I am letting go as I no longer desire to cause conflict within my family. I am able to see the beauty in each and every one of them, respecting them for who they are.

I let go of the view that my family are people that I consider to be annoying, and see how I can positively encourage them so we can live happily together. I recognise that I need to trust their decisions, and when they make a mistake encourage them and show them a better way, rather than be negative.

We all have a purpose in life and I will help them achieve that purpose as best as I could.  As the leader in my family, I give them direction sharing my desire to see them thrive! I don’t hinder their progress by my own negative views, but build them up and provide clarity to see them through.

By spending quality time with my family – going on holiday, taking a drive down the coast, engaging in positive communication, addressing any concerns, we are able to enjoy family life.

I see good qualities in my family and know that it’s important not to raise conflicts that can harm their growth. Therefore, I focus on future solutions that accommodate my families’ natural character. This focus is important to me because I recognise and respect the value of that which God created us to be!

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Do I value my family as they are?
  2. Do I minimise my children’s potential by trying to bend them to my wishes?
  3. Do I consciously remind myself of those qualities which drew me to my spouse?
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