About The Savvy Woman CFE (created for excellence).

Geraldine Noel is Owner/Founder, Counsellor, Psychologist, Life Coach, Skincare and Nutritional Educator.

She is committed to transforming the lives of Individuals, Couples and Families. For over 23 years, she has helped transform lives through multiple disciplines.  She has worked across numerous sectors and developed programmes, run seminars, conducted workshops, delivered training and provided crisis intervention workshops. As a visionary who promotes ‘positive’ change, her uniquely ‘combined‘ service boosts morale, improves relationships, removes barriers and others toward health and well-being.

Geraldine says “One of my highlights – is seeing the lives of people transform before you. Supporting their journey through insightful experiences. Encouraging them to move toward fundamental change”.

We offer breakthrough therapy and treatments that can solve the most complex problems.  Working with teens, young adults, adults and families we remove unwanted problems by shifting your perspective. Some areas we work in but not limited to are

  • Anxiety/depression/emotional disturbances/health/life coaching/PTSD/CPTSD/relational issues/suicidal ideation and others
  • Diet/nutrition/weight/eating disorders/women health
  • Skincare consultation/scars/facial/body/treatment plans

We are able to remove mood swings and thinking disorders that impact behaviour. Whether this derives from negative emotions, disruptive or disassociated thinking where you are unable to cope in life.  We can empower you to overcome, transform and receive effective healing to bring about mental health and wellbeing! We look forward to continuing seeking ‘new’ ways of improving personal and professional growth in you toward profound success.

Finally, Geraldine’s clients and friends describe her as “a confident woman who has transcended beyond the bounds of constraints to empower others toward a willingness to change in order to create lasting change.

We also use interactive tools to make your experience extraordinary. Collectively with discounts, flexible payment arrangements, standard or combined therapy we help you be the best you can be!

Geraldine is also a Skin & Treatments Specialist, Parent Facilitator, Trainer, Assessor, Co-Author and Inspirational Writer.

Contact: 07481 362606

E-mail: info@thesavvywomancfe.com

Links:  PsychologyToday

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