An Interview with Geraldine.

Interviewer: Geraldine, thank you for taking the time out to be interviewed.

Geraldine: Smiles, it’s great to be here.

Interviewer: Can I ask you, why have you created this type of practice? Why combine Counselling and Life Coaching?

Geraldine: My practice is unique!  I wanted to provide a practice where my clients would receive a ‘deep transitional change of removing negative emotions’. Whether these derive from the past, current or present problem in life. Emotional distress will occur. Therefore, Counselling helps to remove problems of past to present. While Life Coaching helps the client from present to future!

Interviewer: So, what makes your services unique besides combining at times?

Geraldine: Well, I use various therapies including Person-centred.  This directly targets the inner core of my client needs. One type of therapy cannot always work with a particular issue per se.  For example, Marital counselling can work best when resolving relational issues of couples and Strength-Based to resolve conflicts.

This I believe is the turning point when as a therapist you understand the complexities of issues and embed this with the right form of therapy. 

Interviewer:  Do you offer counselling and life coaching separately?

Geraldine: Yes I do! This is another added benefit of my practice. For example, you can use career coaching to help with temporary job loss and depression in counselling by removing this obstacle.

Interviewer? That is unique! Sounds great!

Geraldine: It’s what I believe my clients need, having had a few businesses before.

Interviewer: That leads me to ask… How long have you been in business? In this practice? In other businesses?

Geraldine: I’ve been for 11 years now.

Interviewer: How did you get the background, skills and experience necessary to run this type of practice?

Geraldine: While working for various organisations, I studied Education, Guidance and Counselling, before taking a further degree in Counselling & Psychology. Then I certified as a Life Coach.

Interviewer: I was wondering how you accumulated so much knowledge and experience. So, would you recommend studying and working together?

Geraldine: I believe it brings your study to life, that is, you’re able to exemplify your writing because of your ‘hands-on approach’ while gaining experience.

Interviewer: How did you get started into writing?

Geraldine: A number of friends had mentioned to me that I should write a book because of the enormous life experiences that I had at the time.  Also, I’d previously broke-through some deep emotional problems. So in 2016, I  had the opportunity of co-authoring a book entitled ‘Madam President: How to think and act like a leader’.

Interviewer: Tough times?

Geraldine: Yes they were. In fact, toward the ending of my chapter I wrote a section on ‘Breaking Through’which talks about having Hope, Belief and Courage for Tomorrow. When I’d finished writing I was 100% positive that I had been set free! I believe this propelled me to build a practice for those who need to ‘break free from negative emotion and achieve confidence!’

Interviewer: As a therapist what are your top 3 priorities?

Geraldine: To help individuals, couples and families – gain back their confidence by removing negative emotions; to help them gain trust in self and others by applying ‘positive thinking’ and bring healing by giving them hope in my counselling and life coaching practice. To embrace their new life by removing past repeats.

Interviewer: That’s very positive

Geraldine: I think so, and so do my clients! One of my strengths is perseverance, which I aim to build within them.

Interviewer: Smiles, I believe that’s why your practice is very unique and inspiring.

Geraldine: Smiles, thank you!

Interviewer: Just a few more questions…Do you have a select clientele for your practice?

Geraldine: I mainly work with teen – adults, including couples, children and families. I believe you shouldn’t turn someone away who needs help, which includes men too!

Interviewer: Where do you go from here? What is the future for your practice?

Geraldine: I love what I do, so I’ll be staying in this practice. However, I would like to train others and give them an opportunity to build a practice so they can help others too!

Interviewer: Well, we’ve come to the end of our interview with Geraldine or should I say ‘The Savvy Woman – Created for Excellence!” It was a pleasure to interview you and gain a better understanding of what you do.

Geraldine: Thank you, it was a pleasure to share.

Interviewer: I wish you all the best for the future! Thank you, Geraldine.

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