Careers – Skilled and Creative

Careers - Skilled and Creative

Careers - Skilled and Creative Workbook can help you identify your perfect career choice so that you can be truly happy in your work!  It enables you to make the most of your skills, ability and knowledge, which will assist you in creating new found ways of finding out what career suits you. When you realise the importance of how work can impact your life, you can then formulate a plan of action in making the right choices.

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Welcome to the Savvy Woman CFE.

The Savvy Woman CFE is offering Online Based Video Therapy with 

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Specialised Therapy Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence & Loss
  • Are you suffering from a depressive mood?
  • Do you feel anxious?
  • Experiencing sadness, emptiness, hopelessness or irritable?
  • Uninterested in activities?

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