Overcoming negative emotions workbook helps you to look at situations that have occurred in your life, and think of positive ways that you can overcome to attain health & well-being.

Albert Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” That's true to a certain extent.  If you look at negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, loneliness, depression. You really can't solve any issues with this mindset.


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Published by Geraldine

As a qualified Counsellor and Coach, I work with adults to help remove negative emotions in personal relationships, social-friendships, work relationships and family relationships. I help you take control of your negative emotions by building your confidence, improve your well-being and regain trust in self and others. I do this by removing anger, self-doubt and regret. Breaking through barriers and challenging negative emotions and thoughts of betrayal, fear, hurt and loss, and help you to be empowered and refocused for the future.

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