Relationships: Applied Psychology

Relationships: Applied Psychology

Good relationships are something we all strive for. However, we all experience relationship problems at some point in our lives. When we apply Relationships Applied Psychology the feelings that derive from emotional conflicts can help us face anger, guilt, pain, hurt, the need for revenge, and so forth. Feelings of depression, hate, unsatisfied with life, and others will depend on what you do and how you live.

This work-book covers self-reflection exercises that are of help when faced with relationship issues.

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Published by Geraldine

As a qualified Counsellor and Coach, I work with adults to help remove negative emotions in personal relationships, social-friendships, work relationships and family relationships. I help you take control of your negative emotions by building your confidence, improve your well-being and regain trust in self and others. I do this by removing anger, self-doubt and regret. Breaking through barriers and challenging negative emotions and thoughts of betrayal, fear, hurt and loss, and help you to be empowered and refocused for the future.

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