Beauty & Skincare can help improve the health of your skin through treatments and nutrition.   We create amazing results by improving your skin complexities using special treatments. We also increase and boost the radiance of sagging and dull skin by transforming your life to achieve superior and healthy glowing skin.

Having great skin is very important, but did you realise that there is a connection between foods and your skin? Fat within one’s diet should be 9 calories per gram as it helps supply energy.  This fat provides linoleic acid, essential fatty acid for the growth of healthy skin and metabolism. Since your skin is the largest organ of the human body, it’s no wonder that the foods we eat must be healthy!

The first thing that people notice about you, is your skin. That’s because your face, hands and nails (when not in winter) are always exposed! Wouldn’t it be great if someone said to you…”hey, you’ve got great skin”. Of course, it would! So how can you have great skin?

Nutrition is vital to your bodily systems, and also contributes to the health of your skin. The foods and drinks you consume travel through the bloodstream and fuels the body. If one area in your diet is out of balance, then your skin would suffer at times becoming dry and cracked. Just look at your nails if you don’t believe us to see if your intake of Vitamin C is below average. You’ll notice that your nails will not grow as they should, let alone being lovely and white.

That’s why great looking skin is a must! Our outstanding and exclusive plans and treatments can help transform your body to achieve optimum and superior looking skin. In addition, you will also see amazing results with luscious looking hair!

As beauty and skincare therapists, whether we treat scars, eczema or cleanse your body with our range of supplies, you are in for a treat!

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