Believing all things are possible!

Believing all things are possible is a reason to be happy. I could never waste my time thinking about those negative circumstances of life. My eyes are fixed on Jesus who gives me assurance and my mind is anchored on Him. There is a song of thanksgiving on my lips – standing on the promises of Christ my King!

I release myself from concerned thoughts of things beyond my control and dwell upon the word of God so that those negative thoughts would not consume me because I know they will not last when I look to Jesus.

My God is the rock under my feet that will never be removed. He is ever constant in my life. His love is unwavering. I know I am loved regardless of whether I fail or succeed. When I think of this, I am filled with joy.

Whenever I feel negativity creeping close to me, I call on Jesus and I’m reminded of all the things God has done for me and the things I look forward to achieving in the future.

Regardless of how bad or good yesterday was, today the sun will rise. Every morning, the sun rises is a reminder from Heaven of the gifts we are given from God each and every day. I am reminded that life happens one day at a time. These thoughts prompt me to release my inhibitions and focus on the things that matter.

Self-Reflection Questions:

⦁ What are the constant things in my life?
⦁ Do I waste time and energy thinking about things beyond my control?
⦁ What does the word of God reveal to me?

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