Bookings with The Savvy Woman CFE are flexible and easy.

Opening hours:

The office hours are open between 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Thursday and 9:30 am – 12 midday on Friday (please leave a message outside these hours) Evening appointments are also available!

You can call me on the following number 07481 362606 to arrange any bookings.  If times are unavailable you will be offered another. You will have up to 48 hrs to cancel any bookings. However, when this time has elapsed the booking cannot be changed. Any cancellations after this time are chargeable at the rate of a session (exceptional circumstances considered).

How the payment system works

We have services that have flexible payment options, except Psychotherapy which is at a standard rate. You can either, pay a deposit, twice-monthly, monthly or in full. All payments include a discount.  If you pay a deposit then your balance would be divided by the remaining months.

Special Prices

Please note that we have special prices on offer for those experiencing hardship based on your personal circumstance (we will need to see evidence). Please ask for further details!

Registering your details

When you have made a booking your details will be registered, You will then receive an email or call to arrange a day and time suitable for your consultation or session.  Finally, should you prefer to have career or business coaching sessions then please visit here

Online Consultation

Online Consultation with The Savvy Woman CFE lasts for 40 minutes. It's an opportunity for you to discuss your presenting problems in more detail, and learn more of what you want to gain from the experience of counselling, coaching or therapy. If you have questions, bring them along with you so that you will leave the consultation with a clearer purpose and vision. Here we will work out a more bespoke service suitable to your need.

After your booking is made an email will be sent the time and date of your online consultation.

If you are looking for career consultation then please visit here



Individual Counselling

Counselling sessions help you to focus on the future by removing problems of your past. You may have a clear idea of what you want or may have never seen a counsellor before. This is your time where we can explore together about the concerns you have and what sort of help you might need

Counselling will be for 3 months initially. However, if you need further counselling then this will be offered at a reduced price of £45 per session.




Psychotherapy sessions are like counselling. However, therapy provides an opportunity where you can share what is troubling you. For example, anxiety, depression or having suicidal thoughts that are causing you distress in your daily life. Psychotherapy also works to help you have a deep understanding of your emotions by looking at your past moving you to the present.

Psychotherapy is offered on a weekly or twice-monthly basis.



Couples & Family Counselling

Couples & family counselling can help you identify patterns of behaviour as you talk through your experiences. These often lead to greater understanding and clarity about the changes that are needed in your relationships.

In our sessions, we will explore the historical patterns in your relationships to enable you to improve your communication skills. One that transcends and forms healthier patterns of relating to the future. Where you can move on from negative behaviours and resolve conflicts.

Couples & family counselling come with flexible payment arrangements and is initially for a period of 3 months. After which, this will be at £75 per session.



High Impact Coaching

High Impact Coaching sessions give you the opportunity to discuss the goals you want to accomplish. whether your goals are work-related, personal responsibility, personal targets you want to achieve or others. Using specialised techniques, you will gain clarity and a greater understanding of becoming more self-aware and how you can achieve success!

Coaching sessions are for 8 weeks and is usually enough time to work through your future goals. If you would like further coaching then the price would be reduced to £70 per sessions.

For career or business coaching please visit here



Combined Counselling & Coaching

With combined counselling and life coaching, you can work on your issues with a dual purpose. Whether short or long term, here, your past and present problems will be a thing of the past! You can overcome your problems with more meaning and purpose for your life. We will work through your counselling and use coaching to support you advancing on your treatment and goals for the future.

Combined counselling and life coaching are initially for 3 months which is sufficient time for you to work through. However, should you feel it necessary to continue then the price would be reduced to £80 per session.

Discounts available on these prices for those who are experiencing extreme hardship.
Contact me for more information.