Coaching with The Savvy Woman CFE

As a coach, we transform your life by placing you at the centre of what we do. We improve your social, psychological, emotional and personal well-being while creating lasting change. We listen to your needs and create an atmosphere of unique experiences that leaves you feeling empowered, re-focused and energised!

One of my highlights is seeing transformation in the lives of people, supporting their journey through insightful experiences. Inspiring, motivating, and encouraging them to move toward fundamental change.

Geraldine’s clients and friends describe her as “a confident woman. One who has transcended beyond the bounds of constraints. To empower others toward a willingness to change in order to create lasting change!’.

Start-Up Business Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching helps you develop your end goals. It clarifies vision and develops a step by step process of achievements. Benefits you will receive are

  • Develop or build business ideas
  • Improve leadership qualities
  • Create a business and contingency plan
  • Explore strengths and build on weaknesses
  • Increase new opportunities and learn techniques for success

Career Coaching

Career Coaching establishes your professional or work-related goals and supports you to make the right decisions. It develops your soft and technical skills, builds confidence and establishes a more fulfilling and rewarding role. Benefits you receive are

  • Creating a Master CV
  • Improve current skills and experience
  • Mock Interviews
  • Positioning for future opportunities
  • Support in return to work after illness or loss of work


Personal Finance Coaching can help you reduce the pressure and stresses of debt, lack of savings or general day to day living expenses in your life. Whether it issues relating to job loss, divorce,  or other financial impacts, we can help. Benefits include

  • Eliminating debt without borrowing
  • Build creditworthiness
  • Improve your spending habits
  • Increase your income by utilising your skills
  • Reduce the risk of poverty in the future


Health Coaching builds up your physical and mental well-being where you are able to remove stress, become healthier and maintain work & life balance. Benefits you will receive are

  • Improves diet and nutrition¬†
  • Stress Healing
  • Physical appearance
  • Create a healthier lifestyle
  • Calmer disposition

Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching builds on your personal growth. It helps you to balance emotional-well being, build strengths and weaknesses, and improves your state of mind. Benefits you will receive

  • Boost morale and inspire you
  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Overcome challenging situations
  • Discover your true potential
  • Improve fulfilment and personal happiness

Our services are rich, innovative and rewarding – tailored to suit your individual needs. If you desire a change in your life and want a restoration that produces results. Then contact us for further information.

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