Combined packages can benefit you in a more unique way. Where we work on your issues with a dual purpose. Most of our clients have entered counselling with problems of their past. However, much do not have a route or map to move onto the next stage. Our combined services enable you to heal on the inside and refocus on the outside. For example, you may have a problem with your diet, but you feel depressed and don’t know where to begin. Counselling can support your journey and look at core issues of the past while creating a dietary plan suitable for health and wellness. Relieving you from negative thoughts and emotions. Likewise, combining ‘counselling and coaching’ moves you from the past to look at the present and future goals!

While these areas are productive of themselves, combining services can save you time, money and ensure you receive holistic therapy all under one umbrella. My services are unique and help you to overcome your problems in a shorter time with more meaning and purpose for your life. We work through your counselling problems combining various services and therapies while adding coaching to support you in advancing your goals for the future.

Benefits of my combined packages

  • Resolve your past issues in a shorter time
  • Saves on exorbitant pricing if chosen individually
  • Enables continuance with the same professional
  • Creates tailor-made or gives you unique services
  • Fosters different methods of practices under one umbrella
  • Incorporates various therapeutic interventions

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