Combined packages can benefit you in a more unique way. They provide a unique blended way of working on one area in counselling, coaching and nutrition. It is designed to
challenge and empower you while providing a combination of therapeutic approaches.

For example, you may have suffered a traumatic experience that has resulted in anxiety. Through psychotherapy, I support you by going through a process of change to reduce your fears while helping you build your strength in nutrition – targeting specific foods that help remove anxiety and take steps toward a future goal through coaching.

I work with women who are struggling with their emotions, body image, weight loss and more. My exclusive package comes with extensive consultation, counselling, nutrition and a unique blend of personal wellbeing and motivational coaching.  With a triple trajectory, I work on your issues to attain superior health and wellbeing.

In addition, I create a dietary plan suitable for your health and wellness. Rebuilding your immune system and reducing lifestyle illnesses can be the catalyst for optimal health!

While single areas of therapy can work and are rich in themselves, combined services can build a quality lifestyle while saving you time and money.

My services are unique and can help you to overcome your problems in a shorter time with more meaning and purpose for your life. I work to create insightful experiences through counselling and combine various services and therapies while adding motivation to support you in advancing your goals for the future.

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