Consultation with The Savvy Woman CFE is easy for you to get those mind-boggling questions answered, and acquaint yourself with me and my Counselling and Coaching styles.

During our talk, we will discuss the challenges that you are facing, your goals and what you need to do (with my help) to get the results you’re looking for.

The initial consultation lasts either 20 or 40 mins dependant on which service you choose. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the sessions that will be provided and help you to consider the many options regarding your situation.

After our conversation, you can decide on which service you require whether Counselling, Coaching or Combined. Going forward, an ‘Intake Session’ will be confirmed with a date and time to suit.  This is where we will finalise the service, duration of the sessions, times and fees. The services offered will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and re-energised to achieve your ultimate breakthrough! 

Consultation with The Savvy Woman CFE will put your mind at ease. You can choose the best option available to receive help with your situation. Should you wish to book online. Then feel free to schedule your session by clicking on one of the following links below.

To know more about the following services of counselling, coaching or therapy.

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