Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you overcome impossible situations.  Within my practice, I support your journey by reversing and resolving emotional problems that will help in your determination to create lasting change.

I offer “Breakthrough Counselling and Psychotherapy that resolves the most complex barriers. Be it, domestic abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-harm or self-injury, lack of trust in relationships or others. In addition, I get to the core of your issue and encourage you to break free from your past, manage the present and regain happiness for the future!

Some of the areas I work with are, but not limited to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, behavioural problemsemotional disturbance, relationships and more.

There are many who fear to come to counsellors or believe that their situation can work itself out! Sometimes it can, however, oftentimes you will need help to work through those barriers that seem hard to breakthrough the disappointments and challenges that life can bring.

If you are suffering in silence and afraid to speak with someone, know that all conversations with me are confidential and hopeful to put an end to your pain and suffering.

Client Focus

Teens/Students, Young Adults & Adults


Individuals, couples and families

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