Counselling sessions help you to focus on the future by removing problems of your past. We support you through a journey where you can see transformation and change in your life! In a quiet space, you are free to express your concerns without fear knowing that there is someone who will listen.

The counselling process of talking and working through your personal needs can help you to address your problems in a positive way. It clarifies the issues, explores options, develops strategies, and increases self-awareness. If you are worried about yourself or a loved one, counselling can help you navigate through these obstacles. Allowing you to process the change and attain better mental agility.

Counselling re-energises your mind, boosts confidence, empowers, strengthens and helps you be the best you can be! It equips you for a better life which is more fulfilling.

Counselling is the gateway to resolving many problems in a safe and confidential environment. It is a space where you can express yourself without being judged.  A safe environment where you can engage in positive thinking. A place to feel renewed!

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Please take a look at the following areas of counselling that are on offer. We offer you flexibility either for 6 weeks or a 3-month package.