Crisis & emergency intervention can be the result of a mental health crisis, especially when you feel you’re at a breaking point and need urgent help. You might be:

  • feeling extremely anxious and having panic attacks or flashbacks
  • feeling suicidal, or self-harming

You might be dealing with bereavement, addiction, abuse, money problems, relationship breakdown, workplace stress, or exam stress. You might be managing a mental health diagnosis. Or you might not know why you’re feeling this way now.

You may not have thought that you would be in crisis. You might not like the idea of planning for something you hope wouldn’t happen. But it could help to think about what you could do if you start to feel in crisis in the future, and what kind of support might help.

Exploring various therapeutic interventions to help meet your crisis needs and support you through these different times can ease your burdens. Using our emergency services can provide you with the support you need to help manage your needs. If you are experiencing any of the following then contact us immediately so we can help!

Energised crisis

Extreme restlessness, inability to concentrate, pacing up and down, sleeplessness, incessant talking, sleep loss, impulsivity, and out-of-character risk-taking. You may be experiencing the onset of suicidal ideation.

De-energised crisis

Feeling trapped and helpless, or sometimes exhausted from an energised crisis, and cannot do anything at all. Such as eating, washing or communicating with others.

Whether a relationship, work, exams, redundancy, stress or other, let us help you manage a mental health crisis through crisis intervention counselling by clicking on the link below.

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