Emotional pain and conflict are responses to situations that affect us internally or externally. Emotions affect our communication, behaviour, learning and motivation. For example, we can be sad because of a broken relationship which allows us to withdraw into ourselves. Then muster up the energy to change the future.

Emotional pain can prevent us from being positive. Whether from personal relationships, social – friendships, work relationships or family relationships. It causes internal conflicts of unpleasant feelings and affects us from thinking clearly, affecting our daily actions. We can experience confusing thoughts, not knowing what to say or do. It affects our emotions and behaviours specifically to relationships of family, friendships and love.

Some of the symptoms of Emotional Pain and Internal Conflict are…

  • Avoiding people or social situations – break up in a relationship
  • Increase anxiety or stress – diagnosis of serious illness
  • Lack of motivation – loss of a loved one
  • Negative intensified emotions – assault, infidelity or attack
  • Difficulty in making decisions – change of environment because of redundancy

Emotional Pain is a problem if they begin to affect you over time, or prevent you from achieving your goals.  You will experience emotions such as anger, guilt or sadness, anxiety, depression, stress and others. Thus, it becomes a part of your make-up – affecting behaviour, concentration and skills.

You may experience low-self esteem or confidence, separation both from family or friends, turn to alcohol or antidepressants. In extreme cases, emotional pain and conflict can affect your physical health. Read more of how I can help you here.


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