In stressful situations I remain calm

In stressful situations, I remain calm as it is clear to me that life throws all sorts of things that attempt to get in the way of a peaceful, calm existence. I recognise how easily detractions can destroy my peace of mind, but I endeavour to prevent that from happening.

When I encounter stressful situations, my first thought is to remain calm. Getting worked up and frustrated only serves to increase negative stress. Negative stress is destructive, and I endeavour to remain on the positive side of life at all times.

When I am calm, I am able to reason more effectively. The ability to reason allows me to find a way out of stressful situations.

I am able to tackle the stressor and find a solution to the source of the challenge.

I realise that stressful situations help to mould me into a stronger, more shatter-proof individual. Rough times build resilience, and that resilience makes me more prepared to handle tough situations in the future.

Today, my aim is to remain calm even when I feel like being reactive. I know that there is always an answer and I can only find it if I am mentally focused.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Do I always have the mental toughness I need to remain calm?
What lessons can I teach others from my experience in handling stressful situations?
Do I lead by example?

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