Nutrition and counselling can help treat mood imbalances and other mental health conditions. Such as, depression and anxiety. Alongside a healthy dietary plan our services have seen amazing results!

Nutrition deficit can be considered as a lack of certain dietary nutrients that ultimately contributes to certain mental health disorders. For example, overeating, depression and alcoholism. Psychological problems can also cause imbalances in the brain that may control our appetite and mood. Counselling, diet and nutrition or nutritional counselling can help with thought disorders in changes of diet.

I work with women who are struggling with their emotions, body image, weight loss and more. I use nutritional counselling and unique dietary plans with wellness therapy and motivational coaching

Nutrition counselling is an integral part of a comprehensive wellness plan with The Savvy Woman CFE. Nutrition is not just about “dieting.” Nutrition provides a therapeutic approach to counselling where we will create a healthier lifestyle with includes these key benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Better management of lifestyle diseases
  • Improved superior health and wellness
  • Weight loss
  • Better fitness

While journeying to optimum and superior health, we have women find the best possible way to take care of their health.

We use nutritional counselling and treatment plans to help you fight against the onset of unhealthy lifestyle to gain superior health. See our combined package here

Today, we transform lives and attain superior health! Implementing nutritional treatments that can target and attack weight problems. As a bonus we use low-impact with high outcome coaching exercise regime!

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