We have been practising healthy eating and good nutrition for a long time and have seen amazing results! In fact, our journey to optimum health began in the early 1990s. Prior to this, I personally could remember feeling very heavy, often bloated, and tired due to bad practices in ‘unhealthy’ eating. Even while exercising and being very sporty, something was missing.

Personal Story

While transitioning to optimum health, I felt lighter in weight and more flexible when exercising. I noticed a real difference as I began to move around quicker than usual. For years I kept this regime up as a vegetarian, while still eating fish. However, the real change did not begin until many years later.

I loved sweets, biscuits, chocolate, and others, eating these on a regular basis. You could not find an empty bottle of sweets in my home even though ‘rainbow colours’ sweets were readily available. As time grew on, diet, skin and hair regimes were a top priority!

While journeying to optimum and superior health, we have helped family and friends along the way. Finding the best possible way to take care of their health, skin, and hair. Who we are can help you achieve amazing results!

Today, we transform the lives of others and attain superior health! Implementing nutritional treatments that can target and attack weight problems, skin conditions and hair problems. Alongside low-impact with high outcome coaching exercise regime!

We know how to attain superior health!  We use natural foods and products that fight against the onset of unhealthy diets, bad skin, and quality hair. We transform practices by using nutrition to good health practices.

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Certified as a Nutritional Educator, Beauty Therapist and Skin Care Specialist!

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