Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming anxiety can help you remove anxious thoughts, fears, and worries which can invade the lives of many on a daily basis.

Anxiety results from fear about uncertain situations, places, and even people in your life.

These fears that have not even happened yet can take root in the subconscious mind. For example, worrying about…future jobs, health, family, finance, etc. can result in panic attacks. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety and want to have inner peace and remove negative thoughts and fears. Then I am here to tell you that – you can overcome anxiety.

Let’s take trust for instance If you can trust, then courage, strength and skill would soon follow. This will help you overcome challenges of worry or fear. As it is important not to condemn yourself for how you feel, but rather, understand your emotions and then proceed to deal with them.

Remember, you cannot control everything in your life and the worries that you face may be a direct result of you ‘not being in control’. Why not talk to someone about your fears who will lend a listening ear without preconceived ideas.

Many consider that pray and praise is a good source for overcoming anxiety and alleviating fear. Knowing that you can’t control everything and releasing your worries to a higher power can be calming and give you a sense of freedom and relief.

You can also pursue activities, such as painting, art, music, writing novels or other types of crafts. Including enrolling in some type of study, that will improve your mind and help you focus on positive things.

There are many effective ways to overcome anxiety. While many may resort to medications and doctor treatments when they’re seeking ways to alleviate fear. You can work to relieve your own anxiety without medication by simply engaging in activities that bring you peace, comfort, and relief.


  1. What new methods can you learn to relieve fear?
  2. What support groups can you join on social media or face to face?
  3. How will you overcome anxiety in the future?
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