Persevering through difficult times

Persevering through difficult times can be hard. Through life experiences, we have to accept negative situations as they come. At times we are not equipped to confidently deal with difficulties the first time around. Yet, we accept that difficult times make us stronger. Or do we?

How do you deal with difficulties in life? Do you persevere through?

The best method of persevering through difficult times is to build on your inner strength and focus. For example, If you feel threatened by a negative situation, your response would be to ‘fight’ rather than take ‘flight’. That is, you react in an angry. On the other hand, you can remove yourself from a situation, which is not a bad thing!

Removing yourself from the situation helps you to think more clearly. Increases your confidence as you stay in control and adjusts your behaviour. Whether the negativity arises from home, work, social or your personal life, you’re self-esteem increase while you realise you’ve made it through something difficult.

Other people may tell you to give up! But persistence goes a long way because you know it’s possible to break through the negativity. When there seems to be no way out, start carving a new exit path. Say “I am more determined to make it through a challenging situation”. As you prepare to handle difficulties the next time.

Try and strive to be happy in life, so when challenges arise, you can overcome them. Get rid of the ‘naysayers’ who tell you otherwise, as they are only a distraction. Take control of your negative situations as they are only for a short time. The more you face up to challenges the easier it becomes to overcome in the future.

Say “I am an overcomer and I will overcome!”.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Do I listen to naysayers and feel threatened to succeed?
Is my perseverance sometimes viewed as stubbornness?
Am I ever defeated by a tough situation?

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