Careers Skilled and Creative


Careers Skilled and Creative Workbook offers places you at the center when transitioning from redundancy, long-term illness, or in need of a career change. It helps you make informed decisions choosing a career that’s built on interest, skills, and technical abilities to attaint a thriving career!


The Careers Skilled and Creative Workbook can help you determine your career goals and provide steps to achieving a new career!

This self-help book offers a comprehensive strategy for personal achievement after suffering a career setback.

Expanding one’s career choices and making the transition from the old professional to the new centered and focused individual.

The workbook guides you through a process of self-discovery, offering detailed exercises for the you to complete. With the urgency of finding the ‘ideal’ career best suited to your needs and talents.

The ‘Careers Skilled and Creative Workbook’ consists of three parts and provides a step-by-step guide through self-help activities.

Part 1: Career Planning

  • Interest and skills

Part 2: Career Tools

  • Technical abilities
  • Present day skills

Part 3: Career Transitions

  • Unlocking the career language code

If you are facing an important career decision? Then this workbook will help you map out your future and help you to overcome challenging situations. It gives you drive, motivation, direction and most of all empowerment to achieve and be the best you can be!

Whether you want to become the next businesswoman and philanthropist, inventor, graphic designer, or artist – you can gain an insight to all of these careers by choosing to put some personal time aside and start building your chosen career today!

The next step to developing the ‘new’ you would be levelling up where you can make a transition into Career Coaching.

If you would like to know more about career coaching then book a ‘free’ consultation!


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