Services provided by The Savvy Woman CFE are unique and inspiring. You have the opportunity to receive Counselling, Coaching or Combined Counselling & Coaching to help you overcome your personal issues.  In a warm, safe and comfortable environment you can express your feelings and know that this will remain confidential.

You will be able to choose from short-term, long-term or tailor-made services suitable to your Counselling or Coaching need. Whether your need is as a result of personal, friendship, work or family problems.

There are taster sessions that you can book if this is your first time to counselling to see how sessions work. Packages that make your sessions more rewarding over a period of time to remove any negative emotions and regain confidence. And specialised therapy to help you gain control of your mood, thinking and behaviour.

The Savvy Woman CFE works with various problems which you can take a look at from the table below.  These services can be ‘tailor-made’ to your need which can be used for the ‘mix and match’ service. For self-help E-books please take a look here.

Please take a look at the packages shown below or book a free consultation. You can select which service you need, and then we can discuss this further in your session.

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