Counselling within my practice gives you the confidence to overcome issues in your personal life. These negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness, low self-esteem or others will be a problem of the past! As you gain a clearer understanding of ‘self’ and rebuild ‘positive‘ emotions. You will explore approaches that can help you think clearly and achieve a good balance of positive emotional health and well-being.

Areas of Counselling


Adult counselling helps you to increase your self-awareness, explores boundaries and improves your emotional well-being. You will be able to cope better by removing anxiety, fear, depression or other problems you may have. In addition, you will gain confidence while restoring positive thinking. Thus,  creating a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Therapies used: Humanistic or Positive Psychology.


Couples counselling improves your communication by rebuilding trust and openness. It helps revitalise emotional connections and creates a strong bond while re-negotiating commitment of unresolved conflicts and suppressed feelings of self. Therefore, helping you build a happy, healthy and lasting relationship.

Therapies used: Emotionally Focused or Marriage & Family.


Counselling improves unresolved issues in self. Such as, loss of a friendship or moving away from the structure of close friends. It removes negative feelings of abandonment which result in anger, loneliness, sadness, bullying or others. I help children re-engage by creating a happier disposition through ‘therapeutic play, art, reading or story-telling’. Children will be able to share their feelings in a comfortable environment.

Therapies used: Parent-Child Interaction or Play Therapy.


Families can suffer from psychological issues that begin early in life and stem from relationships within the family or one grown up in. These conflicts can often resurface later on in your personal life. I help families resolve conflicts, rebuild trust and separation, respect and forgive each other which improves emotional distress. Families will learn how to support each other and rebuild healthy family units.

Therapy used: Marriage & Family.

Single- Parent Family

Single-parent families can struggle with self and in their relationships with one another. Through divorce or separation children can feel abandoned or unloved. This can cause disruption in schools where disassociate behaviour or refusal to listen to an adult figure is seen. It can also cause single-parents to become frustrated or feel a sense of desperation. I help single-parent families re-build self-esteem, remove negativity in self and at home, school or work by improving coping skills as a result of major life changes.

Therapies used: Parent and Child Interaction or Marriage & Family.


Student counselling helps you to cope with everyday worries, such as exam stress, and relationship. These can impact self-beliefs and have an effect on friendships, personal relationships, family relationships or respect for teachers. In addition, it helps with self-harm, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or others. I help students take control and overcome their personal fears and anxieties. Thus taking ownership of your emotions. Resolve any conflicts within the family and help you to be empowered by stepping into a new way of life. Therefore, leaving you feeling valued, understood and accepted.

Therapies used: Person Centred, Solution Brief Focus or Strength-Based.

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