My specialised therapy provides you with the best possible treatment available in relation to negative beliefs that have impacted your personal life. Whether the results are a detriment to your behaviour, mood and thinking processes. I provide the best possible care when engaging in therapeutic sessions, and value my client’s needs by turning vision to evidence-based therapy with a direct approach.

Areas of Specialised Therapy

Behaviour Disorder

I specialise in disruptive, disassociate or disrespectful behaviour by removing unhappiness, depression, negativity, anger or simply refusing to follow rules in your personal life. I help you manage your disorders so that you can live a balanced and productive life. This reduces conflicts in self and between others whether they be in the home, social or at work.

Mood Disorder 

I help you remove irritable feelings, agitation or if you’re struggling to find a balance. I improve your attitude and emotions if they are not compatible with your current circumstances. Then help you regain control of those negative emotions and improve stability in your life.

Thinking Disorder 

I help you balance your belief, thoughts and perception by removing anxiety, anger, hopelessness or feeling overwhelmed. If you find that you’re not yourself, then I help you through the confusion. I do this by managing your negative beliefs through various techniques and develop new ways of living from day to day. Helping you to gain clarity and direction that overcomes any challenges in your life.

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