Student wellbeing service is uniquely different from adult counselling. Such that, it offers an impartial service on a short-term basis, helping you make sense of a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties while completing your studies. For students there are many pressures in life from leaving home and adjusting to university life, transitioning to student accommodation, overwhelming coursework, eating problems, financial planning, career advice, job hunting, CV writing and underachievement. Not to mention having to cope with the sudden loss of loved ones, relationship issues, panic attacks and loneliness. This can result in a mental health crisis.

Within my practice, you can receive direct access without the possibility of waiting for a long time through video therapy.

As the pandemic is still present, having student wellbeing counselling is one of the safest ways that I can support you.

With flexibility, low payment terms, tailor-made services, I offer a unique service that can help with your past and current issues, including present and future goals.

As a counsellor who works in Education, I understand the complexities of student life and offer highly and effective support. Through various techniques, your emotional distresscan be a problem of the past to help you overcome challenges.  Some of the benefits you will receive from engaging in university student counselling:

  • Greater self-confidence and control
  • Achievement success
  • Improved quality of life
  • Healthier behaviours
  • Bundle of six sessions to provide holistic support
  • 50-minute appointments per session

Whatever your concern with long-term solutions my services can help you be the best you can be!

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