There is no one answer as there are different types of skin, and you have to take into account internal and external factors which play an important role in having great skin.

Dry Skin 

Dry Skin can be due to genetics, ageing, nutrient deficiencies, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and medical conditions such as thyroid disease. Ensure you exfoliate, cleanse your skin without using hard soaps, sanitisers or cleansing products. Having a massage and a moisturiser with a good amount of water. Most importantly, stay on top of your beauty regime otherwise your skin could suffer from cracks.

Combination Skin

Combination skin needs more attention due to a blend of dry and oily patches. You will have to take a dual approach to your skincare regime dealing with each area of the skin individually. Cleanse with a mild gel-based product. Hydrate your skin by steaming, use a gentle exfoliator and pore strips to loosen blackheads. In addition, use a matt based moisturiser.

Normal Skin

Unfortunately, people with normal skin types can suffer from minor breakouts due to hormone imbalances or stress, and age quicker than other skin types. A number of things you can do are: drink pure filtered water, exercise, have a good nutritional diet. Alongside, cleansing, moisturising twice daily, exfoliate and protect yourself from the sun!

Oily Skin

Oily skin is caused when your skin secretes too much sebum oil. People with oily skin often can be more prone to pimples, dark skin spots, and blackheads due to the skin’s pores becoming clogged with debris. The key to looking after your skin is to drink plenty of water, use natural juice cleansers, and detox.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is usually irritated easily by-products. You can look for products that soothe your skin as you are more prone to skin allergies. People who have sensitive skin may not be able to use any store-bought cleansing product. Use sensitive facial wipes, pat dry your face and moisturise.

Skin with acne

Caring for your acne-affected skin is similar to caring for oily skin. Acne sufferers would need to take care not to disturb the acne. As you can cause breakage in the skin, and foreign matter can enter causing your skin to become infected. Try not to scrub excessively, moisturise with hydrating products, use mild shampoos and conditioners. Above all try not to aggravate your skin.

Mature Skin

People with mature skin would need to use a cleanser that either contains alpha or beta hydroxy. Moisturise your skin using products with Vitamin A, C, Kinetin, coenzyme Q20 and copper. Also, you can use a vitamin-based serum once a week.

The best method is to have a nutritional diet that works your systems to produce healthy, looking and glowing skin from the inside and then use products on the outside!

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