Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss goals are difficult to maintain, especially after winter! Getting motivated and start a weight loss plan is easy. However, many people, after the summer tend to lack enthusiasm coming into the winter months. It can be difficult to maintain the same level of motivation, yet it is not impossible! If you find that you are falling back into bad habits these simple tips to get yourself back into shape.

Instead of saying “I give up”, Say, “It’s just the beginning”.

Use these simple steps to achieve your fitness goals:

Take small steps. Having been on a diet for a while, you may feel to give up, especially if you are struggling to lose your ideal weight. Rather, than give up, re-strategise by breaking your large goals into smaller ones. By doing this, you can see your measure of progress which can help you stay on track.

Controlling your weight. Why not maintain a healthy lifestyle instead of thinking about ‘dieting’? Eating the right nutritional foods can inadvertently reduce your weight. Preparing your meals at home can help you keep a track of your calories. That way, you maintain weight and see the rewards every day. You will soon realise that exercise, eating healthy and controlling your portions will bring you ‘weight loss success!

Dieting. Although you may be dieting, that does mean you cannot enjoy your favourite foods. Just swap them with an alternative. For example, if you want to make an apple crumble which I normally do. Then use oats as your topping, together with spices and alternative sugar. You will begin to achieve your weight loss goals.

Control your portions. You can eat healthily, but if try not to overeat as this can sabotage your weight loss goals. Ensure you put your carbs on the plate first, then add your protein, good fats, veg and do not forget your fruits. A word on carbohydrates: Did you know you do not put on weight? In fact, carbohydrates justĀ fill you up! Once you put this into practice, you will see changes in your body shape which will promote a better body image.

Remove sugary drinks. There are plenty of calories in fizzy drinks, packed with sugars that help you put on weight and destroy teeth. Not to mention, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases. Take note of how many calories are in these drinks. Particularly soda, coffee, and others. These quickly add up in your ‘daily calorie intake’. Use water instead, blend green smoothies, eat natural fruit. This way you will avoid having to go on a crash diet.

If you are weighing yourself every day, consider doing this weekly or every two weeks. It will reduce your stress levels, and shift your focus from the number on the scale to your level of physical fitness.

Remember that when your exercise, muscle weighs more than fat. The scale indicates your fitness journey. Ask yourself, “do my clothes fit better? Do I have more energy? Am I receiving compliments?

Be kind to yourself and achieve success by focusing on your fitness goals. Ensure your reason is to attain ‘superior health’. Take small steps and keep pressing on. It is a way to keep you

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