Wellness coaching is an ideal way to set aside time and space to focus on your feelings after a hard-working day.  Whether you are experiencing a range of emotional and psychological difficulties e.g. fear, anxiety, guilt or stress. Our intensive coaching can help you identify the underlying root of any concerning issues in a shorter time. As opposed to finding time during the week, you have a greater opportunity to gain personal insight and self-awareness, explore your feelings, and learn practical tools to help you address any issues that are holding you back.

You may have come to a place in your life when you feel stuck. In today’s busy society, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by feelings of fear. During these times, it can be helpful to turn to a professional who understands these emotions. Wellness therapeutic counselling provides a healthier, holistic and evidence-based understanding of how to achieve wellbeing.

Our holistic approach to wellness coaching offers you convenience and is highly effective when addressing various issues over a shorter period of time.

​We tailor our wellness weekend to meet any goals you have in mind. Inclusive of

  • supporting a lifestyle change following a medical diagnosis (for example, diabetes)
  • helping you live well alongside chronic illness or disability
  • managing and reducing stress
  • coming back from burnout
  • finding/strengthening your spiritual connection

Make time over the weekend for wellness counselling. As well as being good for your physical health, focusing on your problems gives your brain a chance to slow down and for goals to settle in your subconscious. Contact us today!

*Every intensive wellness coaching is different and tailored to your need. You can also add a further two=three additional sessions to have a complete package.